Find buyers on the right B2B platform

Find buyers on the right B2B platform

B2B supply/demand aggregating websites are a dime a dozen today. New ones keep cropping up every day. But,which one(s) do you focus on for sourcing dependable buyers and sellers?

Here are some pointers that should help you decide:

  • Check track record  – If the B2B platform is more than 10-12 years old, it automatically means that buyers and sellers trust it and that’s precisely why it has been in business for such a long time.
  • Check if buyers and sellers are verified – It is important to find a platform that has dedicated resources for verifying not only Suppliers that list on it, but also the Buyers who post their leads there. Anybody can post a message saying they want to buy XYZ product by filling up a form. It is the platform’s responsibility to ensure they verify these leads before sending them to suppliers.
  • Check diversity of buyers and sellers – There are portals that focus on China. There are some that focus on India. However, if you are really looking for competitive prices, you need a platform that offers an assortment of buyers and sellers from various geographic regions. Stop focusing on just China and India.
  • Check data update frequency – Many websites hide dates on quotation requests. They show the same buying inquiries posted 5 years back as “today’s fresh RFQ”. Don’t fall for it. Always make sure you are dealing with current requirements.
  • Check website usability and tools – A good trading website will be easy to use and provide you with tools that you can use to communicate with your counter parties easily. Fly by night operators do not have the wherewithal to invest in technology and hence their websites are slow and do not provide half the communication features that are required in a global trading community.
There are some websites that check some of these boxes, namely, Alibaba, EC21, GlobalSources etc. But, not one is able to provide all of the above points. Alibaba suffers from SPAM buyers and is narrowly focused on China. GlobaSources has become trade show focused. EC21 is Korea focused and has lots of non-verified potentially fraudulent scammers.
The one website that is worthy and ticks all these boxes is go4WorldBusiness. It contains a globally diverse, verified community of trustworthy buyers and sellers. The site has been in operation for more than 25 years and has come a long way since coming into existence in the year 1997.
Create a FREE profile on go4WorldBusiness and start connecting with buyers and suppliers within minutes.

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  3. Dear Sir/Madam,
    We are Gold Mining Company based in West Africa (Ghana).
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    Rene Kweku

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