India emerging as biggest importer of Almonds from USA

India emerging as biggest importer of Almonds from USA

India is experiencing a huge healthy living and healthy lifestyle movement at the moment. This means that more Indians are shunning sedentary lifestyles and hitting the gym and eating right. A record number of urban and semi urban Indians are also visiting health clinics and dieticians who are advising their clients to eat right and exercise.

One of the most important advise often doled out by dieticians is to increase consumption of healthy fats in the form of nuts such as almonds and walnuts each day. The Indian middle class, often newly affluent, are starting to consume these healthy nuts on a regular basis, causing an explosion of demand which is impossible to fulfill by local growers.

As a direct consequence, almonds, walnuts are being imported in record quantities from big producer nations, such as Iran and the United States.

“From August 2016 to February this year, we have already shipped 120 million pounds, which is 59 per cent growth. That has propelled India to become the largest export destination for California almonds (overtaking China and Spain),” the Almond Board of California’s (ABC’s) Regional Director, India, Sudarshan Mazumdar said.

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