Gold Member Spotlight: Auribee Honey, New Zealand

Gold Member Spotlight: Auribee Honey, New Zealand

Success is sweet. That’s what Mr. Artyom Melnik discovered when he transitioned his apiary from domestic wholesaling to exporting Auribee honey with the help of go4WorldBusiness. Soon after listing the company’s certified pure Manuka Honey on another trade site, Alibaba, he started receiving inquiries, so he knew that exporting would be viable. But there weren’t enough inquiries to meet sales goals. That’s when Artyom started looking for another platform.

“There was a bonus that compared to other marketplaces in different countries, go4WorldBusiness allowed us to see how many leads we could get, so becoming a Gold Member was a no-brainer for us,” he explains.

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At first, Artyom used the go4WorldBusiness platform to reach out to potential buyers, but soon the inbound inquiries outpaced the need for him to look for leads. It has only been 6 months since Auribee became a Gold Member, but business is already buzzing with export contracts to China, Italy, Germany, Japan and Malaysia.

Artyom says that he noticed a difference right away after upgrading his membership to Gold. “Once we were able to include more details about our products, the inquiries got much more specific. And the biggest bonus was that we had access to buyers’ contact details.”


Part of Auribee’s success is their strict adherence to quality standards: the honey is monitored from hive to bottle – every business involved in the chain needs to be RMP- (Risk Management Program) certified for handling honey. And all of their honey is tested by an independent scientific laboratory for purity. In light of the recent stories involving “fake honey” shipments from various countries, Auribee is taking authenticity very seriously.

Artyom explains, “Our honey is packed at its source (in New Zealand) where we maintain the highest standards. And that is the best quality guarantee for our overseas buyers. Other brands of Manuka honey that were packed elsewhere may be subject to different infusions – or could even be fake.”

As for businesses that are just getting started with exporting, Artyom advises them to focus on building relationships. “Don’t neglect any potential clients, even the ones that seem like smaller leads. Because you never know – if they don’t buy from you right now, they may come back in a year and remember you as being a nice person.”

You don’t have to go to New Zealand to learn more about Auribee honey, check out their Gold Member listing.

If you’re looking for more information on how Auribee Honey is produced, you should checkout the video resource below:

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