Gold Member Spotlight: Inter Coir Limited, Sri Lanka

Gold Member Spotlight: Inter Coir Limited, Sri Lanka

When you’ve been in business for 37 years, you’ve got to get creative on how to find new leads. The world is constantly evolving, and so is the competition. Recently, Inter Coir Limited, one of the oldest coir manufacturing plants in Sri Lanka, looked to the internet to find more export connections.

pereira-intercoir“We started with Alibaba,” says Niroshan Pereira, Managing Director, “but we weren’t having much success.” It was no fault of their supply line, which encompasses an impressive catalogue of 75 different eco-friendly, high quality products, with custom options available. The real issue was finding genuine leads with the potential to close a deal.

Then, in a move that would quickly pay for itself, Mr. Pereira made the decision to list Inter Coir on go4WorldBusiness. “It has been much better for us. We’ve made six new contacts this year, and we’ve already shipped cargo to three. We’re in negotiations with the remaining three. I’d say that’s pretty good.”

intercoir-productsWhat sets Inter Coir Limited apart from other coir sellers is that they are vertically integrated –they manufacture and sell their own coir, just as they have for 37 years – for quality consistency all the way through the chain. And their product line is one of the most diverse in the industry. From geo-textiles for landscaping applications to room soundproofing, carpeting, rugs, twine, baskets, flower pots and even floating gardens, Inter Coir Limited is constantly innovating.

And Mr. Pereira is looking to expand their reach. “We currently sell coir products to Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, Australia, Canada and Mauritius,” he explains. “This year, we are targeting a launch in the United States. Because US consumers and businesses are trying to be eco-friendlier, we feel there is real potential there.” American buyers, take note. Better get your orders in now before your competitor does.


For more information and to contact Inter Coir Limited, check out their Gold Member listing.

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