Gold Member Spotlight: Suzana Exim Pty. Ltd., Australia

Gold Member Spotlight: Suzana Exim Pty. Ltd., Australia

From beans to riches. That’s how you might describe Chandra Sahu’s journey from buying and selling legumes, to his current status making multi-million dollar deals – in a span of only two years. It began with a noble challenge.


“I grew up in India,” Mr. Sahu explains. “In the global market there is a big difference between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have-nots’. It’s very difficult to get the right product at the right price. Since I’m an engineer by background, I started with the protein segment. My main focus was how to help people get the best product at the best competitive price so they could buy easily from their local market. And Suzana was founded on that.”

Selling a variety of highly nutritious foods and supplements such as psyllium (seeds, husk and powder), dried copra/coconuts, raw cashew nuts, sesame seeds, black pepper, hazelnuts, apricots, oats, olive oil, rice, mung beans, lentils, chickpeas and several types of peas allows Mr. Sahu to use his engineering and trade expertise toward a cause about which he can feel genuinely good. But in the beginning, business was slow. So Mr. Sahu began searching for a B2B portal to promote his business.

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He says, “I got a good response from go4WorldBusiness as a free member. So I decided to upgrade to a Gold Membership.” From there, it’s been no looking back. “There was a big difference after the upgrade,” he explains. “I have an account representative at go4WorldBusiness and she will even call me with leads. And now, we can target and source multiple products to generate more revenue.” With greater ease in finding sellers and buyers, Mr. Sahu has branched out into other industries. In addition to agricultural commodity sales, he is facilitating deals for chemical and construction companies.

His rather short climb up the global trade ladder sheds light on his advice to new importers and exporters. “Everybody who wants to do this should focus on joining a B2B portal. go4WorldBusiness is the best one I’ve seen and experienced. A Gold Membership, it’s not a big money. And your reliability will increase, customers will trust you more, and that translates to higher revenue.” But his success took more than just access to great leads. “Focused vision, honesty, communications, timely delivery and advertising on B2B portals such as this one are the keys to growth,” he explains.

So, what’s next for Suzana? In addition to offices in Australia and India, Mr. Sahu plans to open agencies in Dubai and Canada to keep up with his growing business.

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