Going Back to Our Roots

Going Back to Our Roots

The warm intoxication of vanilla pudding. The rush that comes from a strong, peppery curry. The fresh, invigorating feeling evoked by cleaning with lemongrass essential oil. The spices we so commonly enjoy have impacted our lives in ways we’ve almost forgotten.

As the world’s first globally traded product, spices built a bridge between cultures, carrying new ideas and fresh tastes with them around the globe as early as 950 BCE. The taste for spices fueled innovation and exploration. Their exotic allure drove medical advancements and created empires.

Today, spices continue to encourage cultural exchange and offer new avenues for health treatments and culinary expression. And they fuel a multi billion-dollar industry, with many sectors on the rise.

As a global trade platform, we are indebted to the spice traders who came before us, paving the way for importers and exporters in every industry. And as a business with roots in India, the “home of spices,” we take pride in honoring the farmers, processors, blenders and exporters who share a taste of culture from spice-producing nations with the rest of the world.

For these reasons, in the coming months, we’ll focus our support – in the form of trading resource articles, website updates and new initiatives – on the global spice industry. It’s going to be a flavorful ride, and we hope that you will enjoy the journey with us.

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