Heat Up Spice Sales by Addressing These 2018 Consumer Trends

Heat Up Spice Sales by Addressing These 2018 Consumer Trends

Once considered worth more than their weight in gold, spices are making a big comeback. With the seasonings and spices market expected to reach $30,412.8 million by 20231, opportunities for exporters and importers abound. Here are three trends you can use to cash in on to attract more buyers and boost profits.

Medicinal Gourmet

spice-trends-2018-2.jpgIn large part, the promise of relief from common ailments is what drove immense demand for spices during their glory days centuries ago. With the rise of Western medicine, spices lost some of their splendor, relegated to become merely “flavoring” for foods. Now, with growing interest in natural treatments and buzz words like “super foods,” and “ORAC,” importing nations have rediscovered the health-boosting power of herbs and spices, and they are growing in popularity as a way to prevent and even treat some health problems2.

What you can do:

  • Know the health benefits of your products inside and out – this will give you a bullet-proof sales pitch, whether you’re selling to importers, retailers or consumers.
  • Offer new lines of medicinal herbs and spices that aren’t commonly exported – right now, consumers have an unquenchable thirst for “new,” even if it’s only new to them.
  • Be sure to follow your import country’s label regulations regarding health claims.


Exotic Origin

spice-trends-2018-3Thanks to cheaper travel, faster shipping and the internet, the perceived distance between borders is shrinking, driving consumers to seek out and purchase authentically rare and exotic products3. For example, while vanilla powder would have been fine a few years ago, today’s consumer would prefer to buy single-origin vanilla from a small village in Taha’a.

What you can do:

  • Advertise your spices as “single-origin” and tell the story behind the location where they were grown – consumers (and thus, wholesalers and retailers) love a good story.
  • Create hyper-local blends that speak to regional tastes. For example, instead of “curry powder,” create a “South Indian Curry” or “Punjab Curry” blend. You’re not just selling the product; you’re also selling the region.


Artisanal Blends

spice-trends-2018-4As consumers crave more hand-crafted and local products, small spice shops are popping up all over the new world4. Local spice-preneurs purchase whole spices in bulk and then create small batches of their own signature blends.

What you can do:

  • Research and contact spice blending businesses in your target import country.
  • Offer a mix of whole spices as well as artisanal blends with “white-label” packaging so buyers can label it to suit their own brand.

Do you offer any spice products that speak to these trends? Or are you looking to purchase them? Speak up in the comments below!

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  3. Very useful information. Keep sharing inputs like this in future for better understanding and productivity.

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