Member Spotlight: Ho Lan, November Import & Export Co. Ltd.

Member Spotlight: Ho Lan, November Import & Export Co. Ltd.

The year 2018 put the small nation of Vietnam on the global economic map when it became the largest cashew nut processor and exporter in the world. Accounting for over 60% of the total cashew nut exports worldwide, the South Asian country, famous for its beautiful beaches and diverse culture, put a strong foot forward in the dynamic universe of export & import.

Lana at the factory in Go Vap district

According to the recent report released by Statistica, India comes in a close second followed by Brazil. As of January 1st 2019, India’s export share of cashew nuts stood at US$ 754.55 million (single year data) whereas Brazil is a distant third with US$ 54.07 million worth of cashew nuts exported, its primary importers being U.S.A. and The Netherlands. Vietnam, ahead by a huge margin accumulated its total exports at a staggering US$3.52 billion

Despite the obvious enthusiasm in the Vietnamese exporter community, a report shared by the Vietnam Cashew Association stated a plan to decrease total export quantity and improve the overall cashew nut quality to increase demand in various distribution channels.  In such a scenario, the role of indigenous producers and exporters of cashew nuts becomes exceedingly pivotal.

Speaking about the current wave of quality enhancement, our Gold Member Ho Lan says that elevating quality standards alone will not do the job. We need to find the right audience for business expansion. Often, businesses struggle in successful conversion of export strategies due to lack of genuine buyers available in the market.

“Before, we used several B2B websites like EWorldtrade and Alibaba, but failed to yield any positive results,” reflected Lana, the Sales Manager at November Imports and Exports Company, located in the bustling heart of the metropolis of Saigon.

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From its humble beginnings ten years ago, the company has come a long way in maximizing its reach to offshore clients.  “Through go4WorldBusiness, I met and made friends with many importers and buyers, and it, in turn, helped my company get global presence,” said Lana, smiling.

Lana (extreme left) with her Turkish Business partners

Underlining the role of trade specialists at go4WorldBusiness, Lana said that regular follow ups and effective communication between buyers and sellers leads to successful lead conversions.

“You (go4Worldbusiness staff) are very active in connecting both buyers and sellers,” quips Lana before sending out a word of advice to budding entrepreneurs.

Ho Lan from November Import Exports (Vietnam) talks about go4WorldBusiness

“For new export startups , (I) highly recommend using Their professionalism and consistent dialogue with prospective buyers and sellers puts them in the league of their own”

**Ho Lan is a Gold member with since November 2018

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