Member Spotlight: Sunghu Cho, LifeIsBeautiful Group

Member Spotlight: Sunghu Cho, LifeIsBeautiful Group

The world of today is a world dependent on technology to an extent that to fulfill the demands of technological comfort, we are pulling the rug from under the Mother Nature. When palm oil production started reaping major benefits, the demand for supply was met at the expense of the loss of rain forests in Sumatra, one of the three remaining tropical rain forests that serve as the lungs to our planet earth. The use of lithium-ion batteries in mobile phones and electric cars could only be solved by depleting the natural cobalt reserves in The Democratic Republic of Congo. While the ongoing pandemic serves as a reminder as how helpless our species can become, it also helps us all get a realization that we all have a responsibility towards the environment, to set aside our constant chase for profits and support the production and development of environmentally sustainable goods and products.

We take immense pride in introducing one of our Gold members, who lives by the same principles and does his bit to support sustainable growth. Mr. Sunghu Cho founded LifeIsBeautiful Group in 2015 with the aim to spread awareness about recycling industrial waste. Several bi-products in steel production like dust contain up to 30% zinc which, if not extracted properly contaminates the waste water of industrial plants and can cause major damage to lungs and kidneys. Additionally, most of the zinc pollutes water bodies and starts depositing in the form of sludges on river banks, eventually hampering the ecosystem.

“My challenge is that not many people are aware of the waste recycling. So my focus is to educate the trader to understand the waste recycling for extracting valuable metals like zinc. I found a few members on the website who could understand my business model and meet my requirements,” Cho says.

With just one month as Gold Member at, Cho managed to strike several successful deals.

Sunghu Cho (centre) with his team

When asked to share one of the success stories, Cho was quick to narrate a business deal with a Chinese member he found on the website – “One of the suppliers from China was very professional. He shared his business card as well as relevant company documents to make sure the trust is established from the beginning. The supplier also shared samples and factory visit over Skype video to make me comfortable and also shared the copy of his passport for signature match so I knew the person I was dealing with was the same from whom I received the documents. It was a smooth sailing especially since I had made 100% payment in advance. I appreciate go4WorldBusiness for giving me the opportunity to connect with him. In fact, I’m planning to meet him in China once Covid-19 is over and I am free to travel.”

There was a remarkable difference in the quality of leads he received as go4WorldBusiness member as opposed to when he simply relied on the personal contacts he made in his time as an employee with one of the leading South Korean companies.

“The contacts through go4WorldBusiness are global and from everywhere. But through other sources, the contacts were limited geographically. The problem was to distinguish between genuine and fake suppliers. I’ve come to believe that direct contact is much better,” Cho adds.

What do you get as a Gold Member?

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When asked what changed for him after upgrading to Gold membership, Cho eloquently stated – “First I tried to contact other companies as a free member, but the limited inquiries made me realise that I needed to get more inquiries and be able to contact as many companies I like and so I went for Gold membership. As a free member too, the contacts were good. The manufacturers were genuine but the perks of being a Gold member are far more rewarding.”

Cho also spoke about the impact of Covid-19 on his business and how he is dealing with it to keep things going.

“For recycling business, it’s not really OK. The raw material from overseas is stopped because some of the cargos coming to Korea are stopped by China or France. So it’s been a problem because of Covid-19. I can’t visit India or China because of Covid-19. Though things are getting better and I hope for the best.”

Sunghu Cho (First from Left) at the GSDK meet for sustainable solutions

Cho’s vision of sustainable growth gives him confidence that he will be able to continue to grow in the industry with the same business model highlighted by the noble thought of saving Mother Nature.

“I’m getting the waste and extracting zinc out of it. Earlier it was going into waste and affecting the environment but now we’re using it to produce valuable metal. It is very environment friendly. I’d like to build such a plant in India as well.”

Sunghu Cho firmly believes that the foundation of any successful business is the strong, reliable partnerships you create with buyers, suppliers and manufacturers and this is what he’d like to advise to the exporters new to the trade.

The family man that he is, when asked what he would like to say to his readers, Mr. Cho sweetly responded by urging everyone to listen to his younger brother, a reggae singer by the name Skull Raggae.

We’ll be sure to do that, Mr. Cho.

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