Member Spotlight: Yona Glicksman,Glicksman Investment Group

Member Spotlight: Yona Glicksman,Glicksman Investment Group

It’s not too common to see many septuagenarians taking up projects to further expand their business internationally. While for many businessmen, expanding to new markets internationally might seem a tall order, for Yona Glicksman it was more like a natural progression.

The 71 year old CEO of Glicksman Investment Group remains unfazed about his life struggles. Operating out of Israel, he has gleefully handed over the reins of his company to his 2 sons while he procures business in offshore markets. Having started work early on, at the young age of 13, he proudly states that they’ve now been in business for more than 50 years domestically. Well, probably that’s one of the contributing factors for his business to largely remain unaffected by the ongoing COVID19 pandemic.

Talking about his journey with go4WorldBusiness as a gold member that started in July 2019, he’s had a very favorable response from vendors and the trade specialist assigned to him as a privileged member. Dealing extensively as a bulk supplier, in frozen chicken parts, he has an eye out for bulk buyers especially from Hong Kong and China. In case you happen to be one of them reading this, it’s worth sending you inquiries to Glicksman Investment group.

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He’s particularly happy about having gotten potential leads in Hong Kong and China and hopes to convert them in time. Prodding him further on how exactly he used to work out potential leads and contacts prior to joining go4WorldBusiness, he chimes in and says, “I tell you something … I am 71 years old and I am a businessman. I started with this… (International business) …For me it’s completely new but I like it very much. Since my boys are running the (domestic) business I have plenty of time.” In the same breath he very nonchalantly added that even though he gets many mails from other B2B trade portals / companies to join them, he hasn’t considered them so far.

Building further on his overall experience with go4WorldBusiness, he does not shy away from praising his assigned trade specialist, Preeti.

 “She’s very nice with me and she’s helping me a lot. I am very very happy with the help she gave me,” he added.

He also recounted one of his recent importing consignments into Israel with a lead that he found on go4WorldBusiness, needless to say he was left with a more than satisfied experience overall. He’s hopeful to get more success in time with go4WorldBusiness. Being a seasoned businessman, he was also quick to add that so far he’s had no horror stories to share except for the occasional suspicious inquiries. “I don’t have anything bad to say. People are contacting and not all of them are real. But it’s not a matter of go4WorldBusiness , It’s okay.”

Perhaps years of experience come in handy while vetting a potential lead.

Delving a bit into his past,  his infectious energy took over once again as he reminisced about how he worked with his father on the farm as a young boy and going from strength to strength they went on to share 40% of the present day market in Israel. Playing it humble, he adds “that definitely took some years as now I am 71. All my life it wasn’t so easy. I have learnt everything the hard way”!

On a parting note when asked about some advice he’d like to offer to the younger lot in international business, he humbly stated he didn’t have much to offer as he himself is just getting started in International business. “For me it’s the beginning, maybe next year, I will be more open on this”!

On that note, we’ll be counting on you Mr. Glicksman for your golden words and  wish you all the very best in your International endeavours.

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