Member Spotlight – Mike Lockett, Nelson Honey, Singapore Pte. Ltd.

Member Spotlight – Mike Lockett, Nelson Honey, Singapore Pte. Ltd.

Organic Foods are gaining immense popularity by the virtue of their immense health benefits and high nutritional value. As the purchasing power of developing nations increases, so does the demand for everything better in life. When it comes to food, people are more conscious than ever and ready to shell out extra bucks to have the most out of their meal.

New Zealand is the real up-and-coming nation in the arena of organic farming and the country’s products have very high demand in the international market. Nestled in this resource-rich nation is a more than a century old establishment known as Nelson Honey. Formally established in 1973 and specializing in a wide variety of organically cultivated honey and honey products for skin care and pain relief, Nelson Honey has developed apiaries in top of the south and west coast of New Zealand.

When Regional Manager Mike Lockett joined this esteemed organization, his years of experience in various industries helped him drive the expansion of Nelson Honey into international markets. Handling operations in Singapore, Lockett plans to continue expansion of the brand in India and Middle East as well.

When the management asked his strategy on profitable expansion, Lockett’s immediate response was to focus on B2B instead of B2C. That’s when Nelson Honey’ association with began.

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“We’ve been a Gold member on go4WorldBusiness for a while now and find the platform extremely easy to use and reliable. I’ve connected with many new buyers and developed great business relationships with them,” Lockett says.

Talking about developing his business contacts through leads he found on go4WorldBusiness, Mr. Lockett added –“The focus was on establishing business relationships in South East Asia particularly in Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, India and the Middle East. It’s been quite an uphill battle but a huge enjoyable learning curve for me.”

Mr. Lockett also spoke at length about the changing dynamics in international trade amidst the Corona Virus pandemic. Speaking about its impact, he said – “The Virus has changed a lot, people are not very quick to finalize the deal in these times but I keep the conversation going so that when things are better, I am the first one considered for export and shipment.”

And how did make a difference in these troubled times?

“The experience has been good, a lot of leads coming through but, it’s all part of the learning curve we had a few interesting ones come our way and I am in touch with many of them. The customer service at go4WorldBusiness is excellent; I connected with Pooja, my Relationship Manager and she helped me a lot. She is always approachable and ready to help me whenever I need assistance,” Mike added with a smile.

Finding buyers and connecting with them through online channels does not come without its fair share of challenges. During the conversation, Mr. Lockett stated how go4WorldBusiness’ solid verification process helped him single out genuine buyers for further work.

“Verification is the key to a successful deal conversion. In addition to the verification done by go4WorldBusiness staff, I conducted a personal round of verification myself, asked for company documents, proof of identity and also joined in video calls to ensure the person I was dealing with online was the same on the other end of the line.”

Talking about go4Worldbusiness’s imminent feature, Mike said – “One of the best features on the website is their “Trust Score” system that rewards businesses that verify themselves with higher trust points – this in turn helps the business rank higher in search results and such.”

As the pandemic continues to grip the world in its clutches, businesses like Nelson Honey are more than willing to make quick changes to their strategies to survive this economic downturn. Speaking about the changed landscape of export import business in the pandemic era, Mr. Lockett said that the world, as we know it, has changed forever. While all this upheaval will pose great challenges to some countries, it will present great opportunities to others like Vietnam, Indonesia and even Australia as the concept of ‘Made in China’ will gradually lose its monopoly and developing nations like India will take the lead.

A wide range of Nelson Honey products

When asked if he had any word of advice for export houses just starting up, Mike took the question quite literally and came up with a quick response


“I think, and I personally know many budding business owners who think that they can convert a lead with a single meeting but the truth is that you need about 4-6 meetings with people in order to build a successful business relationship,” Mr. Lockett added.

In these testing times, when some businesses are on the verge of winding up, companies like Nelson Honey are adapting to the changed circumstances with a sanguine attitude and exploring different methods including online B2B platforms to find, connect and trade with potential buyers.

You could grow your business to new heights just like Mr. Lockett.

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