Member Spotlight – Kaushal Chandra, Pinpoint Trade Ltd. New Zealand

Member Spotlight – Kaushal Chandra, Pinpoint Trade Ltd. New Zealand

At go4WorldBusiness, we’re often on a lookout for members whose stories inspire others. From every corner of the globe, there are success stories of entrepreneurs that need to be told and today, we bring to you one such journey of a trader whose exceptional IT background  and research skills laid the foundation for a successful trading business.

We present to you, Kaushal Chandra, Director, Pinpoint Trade Limited and a Gold member at

Born in Fiji and a System Engineer by profession, Kaushal Chandra arrived at the shores of New Zealand by a twist of fate.

“During my research, I came across a business model for traders. After moving to New Zealand, I realized the Dairy industry is the backbone of New Zealand’s economy. The only way I could tap into this business was by becoming a trader,” Chandra adds, reminiscing.

The real challenge, besides finding genuine buyers, is finding reliable supplier and manufacturers of the products one wishes to deal in. Fortunately for Mr. Chandra, the product he chose is from one of the leading dairy brands in the world. With Fonterra products, Lactoferin in particular, headlining his newly founded Trading Company, Chandra seemed destined for success.

“For Lactoferrin, I already had buyers so I contacted several suppliers using your platform. Prior to yours (go4WorldBusiness), I didn’t use any other website.  I was looking for a site where I could find buyers and suppliers and when your site came up on Google search I found out that it is actually very user-friendly. After spending couple of weeks as a free member on your website, I decided to upgrade to Gold membership,” Chandra said.

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They say the first year is the toughest, both in a marriage and in business. For Chandra, the latter was a bumpy ride from the beginning but crucial decisions taken at the right time helped him expand his business to great profits.

“I had a couple of sales with Lactoferrin and then it slowly went down. So I moved to more dairy products as Lactoferrin is a niche market so adding other dairy products like skimmed milk powder, whole milk powder seemed like a good idea. Luckily, for these products I found plenty of buyers through your website which turned out pretty great for my business,” reflects Chandra.

The next challenge for Chandra was to expand the product categories under his business. Every business experiences a growth plateau and Chandra had great ideas to overcome the same.

I needed some ideas for hot selling products and when I spoke with Preeti, my Relationship Manager at go4WorldBusiness, she smartly advised including cashew nuts into the product mix.

Along with corrugated boxes and dairy products, dealing in exports of cashew nuts turned out to be a beneficial decision for Chandra who found plenty of buyers for these products on go4WorldBusiness.

“Using your platform, I am slowly diversifying my business; I like your platform as it helps me actually diversify my business from Lactoferrin to skimmed milk products to corrugated boxes and now agro products, so yes it has helped me a lot,” says Chandra about his journey with go4WorldBusiness.

Talking further about his positive experience with go4WorldBusiness, Kaushal adds -“My current buyers were looking for skimmed milk powder and I had suppliers for it so when I searched through go4WorldBusiness, I was able to contact and connect with the right person. The communication was better through your platform and we were able to make some deals and now we are working on increasing the quantity now so we have become good business friends.”

When asked about what advice he’d like to give to businesses that are just starting up, Chandra was eloquent and confident in his response.

“I’d recommend businesses to have a variety of products in their trade resume. At first, i didn’t get any deals done and your website helped me keep going and not stop. I started off with a really niche product and you don’t find many buyers for it. So I kept looking for it and then I decided to diversify and not just concentrate on one product, knowing that when the time is right, Lactoferrin buyers will be available. So, yes it’s always wise to have a wider range of products as opposed to just one or two of them so at least you make sure you always have buyers available to do business with.”

The shy soul from the land of first sunrise, Kaushal burst into giggles when asked what he would want his readers to know.

“I’d highly recommend that people visit New Zealand. It is a beautiful country, full of lush greenery which the cows love, which is where we get our milk from. So visit New Zealand.”

Sure thing, Mr. Chandra! We’re sold on your commitment for your country and the bovine population reaping great benefits for you.

You could grow your business to new heights just like Mr. Chandra.

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