Member Spotlight: Ali Amhaz, Gaia Recyclers, U.S.A.

Member Spotlight: Ali Amhaz, Gaia Recyclers, U.S.A.

The changing landscape of fashion industry is focused on sustainability. There is renewed interest in learning the aspects that directly impact the environmental pollution. Manufacturers, more specifically suppliers, are now trying to reconcile the global demand with curbing environmental threats by introducing the concept of Reduce, Recycle and Reuse, which has led to the rise of another industry – the booming second-hand clothing market. According to a recent report, U.S. used clothing market was valued at US$28 billion in 2019 and is expected to grow to a whopping US$80 billion in 2029.

Recognizing the potential and opportunities that have generated as a result, a young entrepreneur from United States began his journey and created Gaia Recyclers. That young entrepreneur also happens to be our Gold Member, aptly earning our Member Spotlight for the month – Ali Amhaz.

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Amhaz’s foresight and vision of sustainable growth motivated him to venture into the recycling business. Reminiscing his earlier days, he said “I was overseas in Lebanon, playing pro basketball. I knew a lot of people buying clothes in bale. After returning to the US to finish college, I started looking for a job, and I ended up working for a recycling business company. They used to send their products to Chile. This gave me an opportunity to understand the basics of this business and it did not take me a lot of time to decide to do it myself.”

Since the beginning of his new venture, Mr. Amhaz has been associated with and he did not hold back from appreciating the platform.

“My company has been in business for the past one year and the very first client we ever got was through I literally just started with your website. You guys have been very professional in following up, emailing the leads. I was approached by another B2B website to sign up with them. But I noticed you guys were more professional and were providing more personalized service as compared to other leading B2B websites.”

Amhaz also shared his concern regarding the impact of fast changing trends on the environment. “Firstly, the people from the U.S. and Europe throw (discard) a lot of stuff and it really isn’t safe for the environment. Secondly, I saw overseas that people buy this stuff and they buy it very cheap and they get good use out of it.”

Amhaz took on the challenge and turn someone’s trash into his very own treasure. What’s ironic here is that more than 70% of the global population uses second-hand clothes. He encourages people to donate their discarded items instead of throwing.

Recycled products are a great boon to the noble environmental sustainability cause

So how did he manage to expand his business in such a short span of time? Ahmaz was quick to respond –

“Go4worldbusiness has been a valuable service to me and my company. Through their matchmaking process, they have vetted out unserious buyers and have provided us with solely serious buyer, which has helped us greatly to expand our business than when we were solely prospecting ourselves.”

Ahmaz’s vision of the future and his company’s role in it is not just limited to upcycled clothing, He plans to include more products in his business plan and promote sustainability across various consumables. “I’ll always look to recycle more products and explore opportunities of recycling business with more partners (polyesters from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh). I’ll build a good foundation in the US first. We are going to get most of the products from the US, but our clients are and will be mostly overseas (Africa, Malaysia).”

This is exactly the kind of spirit that new businesses need to show to excel and go4WorldBusiness is always ready to lend them a helping hand in their journey to success.

When asked for word of advice for the readers, Ahmaz said -“Sometimes you’ll have to break your back just to make a customer happy, sometimes it may be worthy other times, it may not be. So you have to set your foot firmly on the ground, keep things at the market price, build your business slowly and steadily, rather than rush into the things as it’s a quick way to go bankrupt.”

The confidence Mr. Amhaz had in his voice and his vision for the world and his business is truly a story that needs to be told. We are proud to be associated with Gaia Recyclers and wish them a great success ahead.

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