Webinar – How to make the most out of your Gold Membership

Webinar – How to make the most out of your Gold Membership

They say it takes a village to raise a child, and when the child is your very own business then raising it to new heights could take an army.

At go4WorldBusiness, we aim to equip all our members with the armour necessary to excel in the competitive world of international trade. In line with the same spirit, we recently conducted a webinar on how our privileged Gold members can make the most out of their membership at go4WorldBusiness.com.

The entire webinar was divided into multiple segments where attendees were informed and educated on the various ways to make their profile more appealing and trustworthy to the buyer. Following were the features discussed during the one-hour webinar –

• Getting the VERIFIED badge
• Making your gold member profile more appealing to the buyer
• The significance of Trust Score
• Sending meaningful inquiries
• Gold member privileges :
i) Banner image
ii) DealMakr
iii) go4PayProtect

In addition to discussing the various features available to gold members, we also took up questions from the attendees during the final Q&A segment of the event. While some of those questions were addressed during the webinar, others were reviewed and have been answered here for everyone’s benefit.

Question by – Anonymous
Do you assign a Relationship Manager to silver members?
Answer – The Relationship Manager services are exclusively provided to Gold members.

Question by – Manoj Kumar
Like Go4DealMakr, is there an option for Suppliers to post Products example: i have got 100 tons of Rice this month and if i can post it on your platform so that it will be easy for buyers to check and order on us.

Answer – The current format of the website has been implemented after years of research and allows the verified buyers to post the deal. As you know well, since the buyer- supplier ratio is often in favour of the buyers, specifications requested by buyers are taken into consideration in finding leads, and converting them into successful deals.

As a result, according to the current, tried and tested format, buyers get to post the buy leads which are available on the website for all suppliers. As soon as the buy leads are made live, the same is sent to all suppliers on their registered email addresses, thereby prompting and encouraging them to send the inquiry to further the deal.

However, if you have an impressive inventory of a particular product, you can either add the product to your product page (with images) or simply update the crucial information (100 tons of rice) in the product description for the interested buyer to see and contact you.

Question by – Nishad Kaluarachchi
This is Sameera, Account Manager from ATIRE PVT LTD. We are manufactures and exporters of rubber solid tyres. We have been gold member since 3 month…We got only few inquiries so far and even those are not really relevant to our product type

Answer – Thank you for choosing go4WorldBusiness gold membership. We can see that since the market demand for tyre scrap is much more than rubber tyres, as is reflected in the latest buy leads, the frequency of buy leads you receive for your product, rubber tyre, is relatively low. However, I noticed that there are buy leads for your product posted consistently on the website. Demand from Romania, Greece and Australia can be seen posted on the website in the link given below –

What we recommend is that first and foremost, you submit all the necessary documents needed to get the ‘Verified Badge’ and start contacting these buyers directly using the contact details you receive as soon as you send an inquiry as a response to the buy lead. We also recommend that you get in touch with your Relationship Manager and make sure he/she knows the current status of your inquiries in order to advise you on the most suitable course of action for successful deal conversions. Finally, one of our internal teams are tasked with finding genuine buy leads via online and offline methods and they’ve been informed about your specific product to see if more relevant buy leads could be arranged for suppliers like you.

Question by – Balbir Singh
Could you please share the PPT and sales quote on email?

Answer – Thanks for your interest in the presentation on ideal sales quote. In fact, we even have a descriptive and informative blog on how to send the perfect sales quote, which includes the sample sales quote you saw during the webinar. Please click the link below for the same –

How to create the perfect sales quote

Question by – Anonymous Attendee
If I am exporting to India from Canada, can/should I use escrow services??

Answer – If your question is about the escrow account provided under go4PayProtect to buyers and suppliers by go4WorldBusiness, then please note that this account is only for transactions done within India. However, we highly recommend this service to all buyers worldwide, though this service has not been initiated for any other country by go4WorldBusiness at the moment.

Question by – Yogesh Panchal
After we get the email address from the portal inquiry and send our email to the given Email ID of the buyer, they don’t reply to us for specifications of their products. Why does it happen?

Answer – Please understand that once the buy lead is live, the buyer’s inbox is flooded with inquiries from suppliers. It is, therefore, imperative to make sure that you make the finest first impression and instead of only sending an email directly to the buyer, follow up with a phone call. Use this opportunity to introduce yourself and your business and if possible, discuss the specifications over the phone. This goes on to show serious you’re as a supplier about fulfilling the buy requirement

Question by – Khurram Shaikh
What are the benefits of go4PayProtect for suppliers?

Answer – Well, to put it in a simple line- It’s the security of payments which serves as the most motivating factor to go for escrow. Often, suppliers come across buyers who are too reluctant to part with payments on some pretext or the other. However, with escrow we see this problem being nipped in the bud. The supplier’s payment is reserved with a third party (i.e. escrow bank) and encourages the supplier to not focus on issues like goods abandonment or part payment scams. Escrow services make it all the more enticing for a prospective supplier to send their goods in the best possible conditions that have already been agreed upon mutually between the buyers and supplier. This way the supplier only has to worry about the quality and quantity parameters agreed between the parties and not worry about other issues.
In case of any possible fallout in terms of quality indicated by the buyer as sub-standard, a Proof/Inspection officer is sent to the port to check the quality him/herself.

Here’s the complete recording of the webinar

Complete recording of the webinar

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