Member Spotlight: Harry Rolle, Infoport Global Ltd. The Bahamas

Member Spotlight: Harry Rolle, Infoport Global Ltd. The Bahamas

Make hay while the sun shines and this surely proves true for most thriving businesses around the world. Having the ability to play your most favorable circumstances to optimum is what good business acumen suggests. So you’d often see people engage in products that they have an abundance of, giving them a natural edge over the others. This one particular story is no different.

Harry Rolle, President at Infoport Global Ltd. from the deep blues of the Atlantic Ocean in North Providence, Bahamas, makes for an interesting case study with his line of diversified yet exquisite products that have a global reckoning. Blessed with an active tourism industry that abounds with plenty of native sea flora and fauna including sea reefs, crystal clear water and powdery sand beaches; the Bahamas cuts for an idyllic Caribbean picture.

After all, the sub-tropics could not be more kind to the natural reserves of seafood found in the Atlantic crucial for its growth. Specializing in the export of the most sought after products from queen conch shells, to spiny lobsters, stone crabs and different kinds of fishes extending to sand, limestone and gypsum aggregate, Mr. Rolle has networked and found many allies for his products the world over.

Being in business for over 12 years, ever since they started in 2009, there have been one too many bumps in his journey of sea-food exports but none too damaging that could shake off his confidence. It’s interesting to note that Mr. Rolle started off with his export of steel HM 1 & 2 and later shifted gears to an industry that he thought showed more promise in terms of growth. Anticipating it to be less competitive with opportunities to scale as per demand, he played to his natural advantage of the strategic location that helped him to source popular sea-food options demanded globally. To put it into his own words, he got into this business, “rather out of convenience”, understanding the true potential of different markets to tap into.

A wide range of seafood exports

Before being on board with go4WorldBusiness, Mr. Rolle used to fire up popular search engines on the net to procure purchase orders or identify buy leads but it all changed post his registration on the portal. Since he also works as a distributor negotiating both with buyers and sellers from time to time, he finds it extremely rewarding to use the website while navigating different tabs. More so as he observes that, “it’s very easy and simple to use and the layout and format is very convenient to work with” given the paucity of time he has. The tremendous amount of daily inquiries that he gets is another significant experience he has had over the last 2 years as a gold member.

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Mr. Rolle did not forget to mention his success story in China when discussing the Asian markets. He’s been able to forge long term relations with buyers and suppliers via the platform that has come in handy even when the market was a little off. Recounting his experience, he mentions that he specializes in the export of queen conch shells that have a wide market in China. Also, the other different kinds of shells, frozen seafood, spiny lobsters, stone crabs, and fishes as well as stones like gypsum and limestone aggregate have a fair demand.

While the pandemic era brought with it a new set of challenges to overcome, Rolle had the means and the preparation to combat them. Elaborating further on the same, he adds –“as the impact of covid resulted in new rules and restrictions in place to ensure sea-food safety and health protocols, we could still manage to bag the orders. This happened so with a particular variety of shells that now required to be cleaned thoroughly when exported while earlier they could be exported raw.”

 With modern machinery at his disposal to clean shells quickly and thoroughly, Rolle could salvage a lot of such orders just in time, in comparison to other export houses.

Not completely immune to export problems, Rolle says he’s had a fair share of bottlenecks too, like the most recent issue related to sand exports to China. He reveals that owing to the geographical location of the port and its destination (in China), the overall shipping became a complicated process as it proved to be a delirious task navigating the route with the said consignment. So despite receiving many interests from China and having a good stock of sand to ship, he wasn’t able to overcome this particular limitation of distance. More so, the pandemic proved fatal for many other businesses as they were temporarily suspended because of lockdowns and quarantines imposed in different parts of the world. Since the pandemic mandated social –distancing, a lot of those products that depended heavily on staff and workers had to be shut down. However, with the onset of the New Year, many businesses have resumed trade. “They are all coming back and it’s getting better”, he exclaims.

Talking about any untoward instances of frauds or mishaps that he might have been a victim of, his response is in the negative. He credits his experience as a seasoned businessman and his ability to easily spot cons or suspicious profiles. He states that he’s been fortunate enough to not encounter any “outright trouble” with any particular deal or partner or any other related incident wherein he had to “call the law in”. This is so because now, he can easily call out imposters who post buy leads but have nothing to show or any legitimate number to reach out to, for inquiry or response. These, according to him, are the red flags one should be aware of.

Continuing with his line of thought, he also has a nugget of wisdom to share with the young businessmen in the world of export-import. He couldn’t stress enough on the fact that one needs to be diligent when responding to inquiries one gets from buyers. There is a novelty aspect involved, being the first one to respond, amid a pool of suppliers, all waiting to grab the deal. This truly stands you apart from the crowd and gains buyers’ trust easily.

On his parting note, he appreciated how as a platform helped him grow his company even during the most trying of times for businesses worldwide. He maintains that the user interface has been the easiest to work with and considers it as “a very powerful tool” connecting global economies to trade easily.

Looking back at Mr. Rolle’s journey, one can surmise that being a smart businessman not only requires a good foresight to assess the future growth of the market you work with but also the ability to realize when a market is exhausted and chart another course of action. This is exactly what he did when he shifted from steels to seafood range, capitalizing on the natural abundant reserves of his land.

Mr. Rolle is one of the many Gold members on go4WorldBusiness who have found successful alternatives to products that were not performing well in the market, with the help of the genuine buy leads, support from Relationship Manager and his overall ability to take calculated risks. We salute his inspiring journey to success and wish him the very best for his future endeavors.

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