Member Spotlight – Alex Mafezzoni, Garciarr, Belgium

Member Spotlight – Alex Mafezzoni, Garciarr, Belgium

It is often said that the first year – both in business and in marriage is tough, as tough as it gets. But with time, the moments of hard work and patience give way to the sweet taste of success. While the fate of latter could be arguable, in case of former, the business; global information leader Forbes agrees with us too.

“Most businesses don’t make any profit in their first year of business. In fact, most new businesses need 18 to 24 months to reach profitability. And then there’s the reality that 25 percent of new businesses fail in their first year,” states Forbes.

So what if we told you that we have a story that could serve as a shining exception to this gospel truth of business world.

Today, we tell you an inspiring story of our recently inducted Gold member from Belgium, Alex Mafezzoni of Garciarr, who backed his calculated risks with in-depth research and journeyed his way to great success in an insanely short amount of time.

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Italian born Alex Mafezzoni, joined forces with his business partner and Colombian friend Roberto Garcia Lopez and started Garciarr in May 2021. With a company that is new in business, the chances of failure were very high. However, as Russia had increased export duty on processed wood and bark beetle infested European timber had failed to meet quality standards; increased demand of high quality processed wood in Europe had opened doors for foreign exporters. Mafezzoni saw an opportunity and convinced his teak plantation owner friend in Colombia to come together and form Garciarr.

“He asked me to look for buyers of Colombian wood and chose the role of a supplier of processed teakwood –flooring decks, saman logs and more. This was a completely new business to me and I had little knowledge of finding and approaching buyers. But, luckily I found go4WorldBusiness on Google. Although, I tried two or three more platforms; They (my partners) had the best feeling about go4WorldBusiness. The website was easier than the other ones (to use),” said Mafezzoni, smiling.

When asked how effective the method of finding buyers on go4WorldBusiness was; Mafezzoni eloquently stated –

“I sent a lot of emails and inquiries. We started doing it 3-4 months ago. The reaction I got was 10-20% of the overall volume of inquiries sent. These buyers were not here (on the website) just to talk but actual interested buyers, so the reaction I received was a pretty good one.”

Fortunately for Garciarr, success came earlier than expected. Garciarr quickly closed deal with its first buyer, found on go4WorldBusiness.

“There is now an Indian buyer who visited our Colombian plantations to buy teak wood logs. The deal has a high percentage profit as this buyer, who is currently involved in the paperwork with my partner, is buying a big lot of plantation, “exclaimed Mr. Mafezzoni with pride and joy clearly audible in his voice.

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Talking further about the buyers found on the website, Mafezzoni said –

“Currently, I’m talking with a few more buyers from India, China, Europe and Guatemala. They are all from go4WorldBusiness. And very close to signing off on their deals but sometimes this takes time.” 

The rise of Garciarr in such a short span of time makes for a great research subject. In Mafezzoni’s case, the decision to capitalize on the surging demand of processed wood, coupled with his established contacts in resource-rich Colombia paved the way. But that’s not all that contributed to such early success.

“We are a Belgium based company with roots in Columbia and go4WorldBusiness is a bridge between Garciarr and the rest of the world. Being from Belgium gives us an edge over others as many find it difficult to find contact in Colombia. They trust us and wood from Colombia but our good fortune in connecting with the right buyers not only mitigated risks but also gave us the initial boost that businesses need to thrive in today’s cut throat competitive world of international trade,” Mafezzoni aptly quoted.

When the start is great, all other things fall in place. Mafezzoni’s strategy to scale back and cater to only a handful of buyers to ensure highest quality standards seems to have worked with recurring business from same clients.

“Our focus is on providing good quality wood & logs, thus we just want small number of buyers, but a long lasting relationship. There is lot of wood in Colombia and very few companies marketing it so we have an advantage,” Mafezzoni added.

Mafezzoni had an interesting take when asked about the challenges and malpractices in the industry.

“Oh, you’d be surprised. Badmouthing is a major issue in all businesses. We’re very careful about our company’s image that we’ve created in such a short amount of time. In fact, I feel you people suffer from the same. I get aggressive messages from so many Indian B2B companies all the time, telling me to join them and not be a member on go4WorldBusiness. Well, good for you guys, I always have your back. And genuinely so, because I have got so much business from go4WorldBusiness, I never really had to look elsewhere, never felt the need to create accounts on other websites.”

While we absolutely adore and revere Mafezzoni’s undivided brand loyalty, we have heard similar accounts from other young entrepreneurs who started online buyer search from our platform and never felt the need to go elsewhere afterwards –

“My Company has been in business for the past one year and the very first client we ever got was through I literally just started with your website. You guys have been very professional in following up, emailing the leads. I was approached by another B2B website to sign up with them. But I noticed you guys were more professional and were providing more personalized service as compared to other leading B2B websites,” says Ali Amhaz, founder of Gaia recyclers, also a Gold member at go4WorldBusiness.

Like Amhaz, Alex Mafezzoni’s vested trust in go4WorldBusiness paid off for a start-up that is now eying global expansion with India as a focal point of business.

“Main buyers are in India, Teak buyers globally are dominated by India. For us, every country is welcome where we can sell,” Mafezzoni said with a smile.

Since hard work, patience and smart decision-making were the basis of Garciarr’s success, Mafezzoni chose to highlight these virtues in giving advice to all new and budding businesses –

“You need some time and patience to connect with customers, to find their trust, organise things; if you want to start business and expect clients in two weeks, it is very difficult. You need to be patient enough to build business relationships that last and manage work simultaneously.”

Those are wise words from someone who turned his early fortune into a sustainable business and we highly recommend you pay heed to his advice too, if you wish to take your business to new heights.

You could grow your business to new heights just like Mr. MAFEZZONI.

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