Member Spotlight: Gizem Akbulut, Lapis Kimya, Turkey

Member Spotlight: Gizem Akbulut, Lapis Kimya, Turkey

The turn of the 21st century changed the world in many ways. As the invention of computer became one of the most significant achievements of the 1900s, a little techno trick called ‘internet’ brought the world closer, eventually helping speed up the globalization.

If internet and Google were the prized possessions of the 20th century, the age we live in will be best remembered for the advent of social media and digital transformation across all industries. 

Global trade and commerce were one of the first industries to adopt digital transformation which gave rise to B2B platforms, helping exporters connect with importers with a click of a button. And thus began the race for providing the most user-friendly, uncomplicated and result oriented interfaces aimed at making the process of finding and doing business as easily as it could get.

In this case study, we will focus on the emphasis our Gold member has consistently given in her interview with us about how go4WorldBusiness’ efficient User Interface helped find buyers who became her most valuable business relationships.

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Gizem Akbulut, representing Lapis Kimya, an engineering and auxiliary chemicals manufacturing company, joined after trying her luck with some of the leading B2B websites in existence today.

“We’ve tried to work with Alibaba but we couldn’t find any customers because the site’s format doesn’t work for me. We canceled our membership with them. We also tried using another Turkish regional export import website but our experience was the same as Alibaba,” Akbulut said, underlining how her previous attempts at finding buyers were obsolete before things finally started to change.

“We joined one year ago. The user interface of go4worldbusiness is not complicated like others and it is very easy to use.”

During the interview, Ms. Akbulut also appreciated the various search options that helped her focus on the export markets that were relevant to her business.

“The best part about go4WorldBusiness is that there are many options to find something.”

When asked to further elaborate on the point she was trying to make, Gizem spoke about how crucial it was for her to connect with buyers in a particular set of countries. 

“The USP of our products is the compelling prices that we provide to buyers globally. Our buyers in Mexico, China and India are very happy and despite the ongoing freight/container crisis, we are able to keep the supply going. This has helped us in getting repeat business from the same buyers we found a year ago on,” Akbulut explained with a smile clearly audible during the telephonic conversation.

And what about the role played in deal conversion?

“The success rate of deal conversion is very high as a Gold member on go4WorldBusiness. My Relationship Manager shares relevant buy leads with me. I also took help from the DealMakr staff who helped me with lead conversion, assisting me in negotiating good deals with buyers,” quoted Akbulut. 

All this adds up well in Akbulut’s case since her loyal buyer base across continents has helped keep things going, even during the Covid and shipping container crisis. 

“Our regular buyers, particularly ones from India and China are still doing business with us and placing orders. It’s been one year and we sell them regularly.”

Although Lapis Kimya has been in operations since 2012, the company’s sudden business expansion has been contributed to the addition of Gizem Akbulut as Foreign Trade Specialist, whose defining action was to register as Gold member on go4WorldBusiness to find reliable buyers online.

When asked what advice she’d like to give young and budding entrepreneurs, Akbulut promptly endorsed go4WorldBusiness–

“They have to use your website, it’s really very useful, they can find customers, buyers or suppliers and connect with them with the help of reasonably priced subscriptions.”

Lapis Kimya has been registered as Gold member with go4WorldBusiness since 2020 and in this time have connected and closed deals with several international wholesale buyers.
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