<strong>Member Spotlight – Abdullah Mubarak, Rehan Meat and Foods</strong>

Member Spotlight – Abdullah Mubarak, Rehan Meat and Foods

When Abdullah Mubarak started Rehan Meat and Foods in 2007 with a dream to make his dried fruits and meat business international, little did he know that the biggest challenges will come from the export markets where meat consumption is highest and demand for meat massive. 

After spending almost 2 decades supplying meat and dried fruit products in the domestic market, CEO and Business Head Abdullah Mubarak realized it was time to take the next big step and venture out into the export-import arena.

“Eventually we started looking out to expand their reach across the globe. That’s where go4WorldBusiness came in,” Mubarak said.

“My biggest fear was getting my small business in trouble over a bad deal with some scammer on the internet. Thankfully, all the buy leads we found on go4WorldBusiness were genuine and even though not every lead resulted in deal success, we knew that our road to success had one less worry, that of fake buyers.

The real challenge however was where Mubarak saw most potential. Due to a flurry of export restrictions and demand for organic meat, it was difficult for Mubarak and his company to find buyers and importers in the European market.

Finding buyers was not a problem. In fact, go4WorldBusiness helped us find genuine buyers from everywhere- United States to Bahamas to the United Kingdom and several Middle Eastern nations, the challenge was in closing the deal” Mubarak added with a sigh.

European buyers pay heed to exporters who possess organic certifications. With most of the meat procured from free-range grazing, it is neither fair nor feasible to claim the product as organic. 

It was the readjustment of expectations from his first international venture which then helped Mubarak gain the confidence he needed to close deals with American and European buyers.

When we learned that western markets have rigorous screening methods to eliminate any possibilities of import orders riddled with mad cow disease, we turned our focus to the Middle East. 

Even though it was difficult in the beginning, Mubarak and Rehan Meat and Foods managed to secure big export orders from UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Kuwait, thereby establishing them as an active export firm.

And when your order book is filling up, it is just a matter of time before the big players swing by too, looking for export order fulfillment at compelling prices.

“After we were able to do business with some buyers in the Middle East, we gained the confidence and the experience necessary to approach western buyers, which is exactly what we did. We have been in conversation with a couple of buyers from the United Kingdom and Bahamas and they have listed us as supplier backup for future orders, Mubarak said, beaming with joy.

In his own words – “Had it not been for the buyers we found on go4WorldBusiness, we would not have been able to build on the initial success which is crucial for any small business venturing into the international market.”

Abdullah Mubarak is currently busy tending to export orders from three different continents and contributes strategic planning and perseverance to the success of his company in the global market.

Going by the company statement – “Satisfying the global taste diversity with food innovation by introducing quality local produces as a symbol of Pakistan’s abundance,” Rehan Foods found success with persistence, strategy, and their worry-free reliance on go4WorldBusiness.com in sourcing those elusive buy leads that changed the shape of their business.

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